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Rocky's Story

We’re proud to introduce you to Rocky—the official spokesperson *ahem* donkey of Hotass Saunas. This is his story (in his words, not ours).

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved heat. My earliest memories of this come from when I was a young donkey growing up in rural America. 

Summer was always my favorite time of year— scorching temperatures, humidity-rich air, the sun being out all day, you name it; I loved every part of it. My parents saw how much I enjoyed it and decided to build a sauna in our home.

My first sauna visit was amazing. The heat waves were insanely intense, and it was much hotter than anything I’d ever experienced before. I sweated profusely and felt completely relaxed and refreshed after using it. Needless to say, I was captivated.

This experience motivated to find somewhere — anywhere— with this kind of heat. If it was this hot in my sauna at home, there had to be another place out there that’s even hotter. It was then that I decided to pack my bags, leave town, and find the perfect heat.

You might think that hitchhiking is easy, but you’ve never had to do it without opposable thumbs. The sight of a donkey on the side of the street with a suitcase didn’t exactly inspire people to pull over either. 

After finally getting a ride, I began my epic journey that would take me to every corner of the world. I spent the next several years visiting deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, and dozens of Earth’s hottest locations. Every day was a scalding hot adventure and I loved every second of it. 

I remember countless epic treks through desolate places such as Death Valley and the Syrian Desert. immediately after I would hop on a flight and find myself standing a few feet away from a blistering volcano like the Kīlauea Volcano in Hawaii.

I ended my trip with a stunning realization— although these places were extremely hot, they weren’t quite as hot as my sauna at home.

In the time since, I’ve remained as obsessed with heat and sauna bathing as I was during my first sauna visit. I still travel whenever I can and search for the most intense heat, but ultimately, I know that I’ve already found it. I’ll gladly enjoy my Hotass Saunas experience any day.

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