Why Hotass Saunas?

Really, Really Hot

Hotass Saunas are expertly built to provide optimal airflow, maximum heat storage, and rapid heat-up times.


Our sauna heaters filter out any harsh heat by putting sauna rocks in direct contact with the heating elements. This unique engineering creates the perfect sauna climate— a consistently pleasant heat and a therapeutic warmth.



Made in Finland

Our sauna heaters are designed, engineered, and made in Finland, the home of sauna.

Finland’s rich history of sauna bathing pre-dates written history (by a lot), so it’s in our DNA at Hotass. Our heaters include professional-grade stainless-steel construction and heating elements, and other exclusive features to ensure the most authentic Finnish sauna experience.



Stainless-Steel Construction

Hotass Saunas are crafted of stainless-steel throughout for long-lasting beauty, strength, and durability. Our heaters feature triple-wall structures which maintain cooler surface temperatures and provide greater safety.

These deluxe stainless-steel components— interior, exterior, and heating elements— are naturally corrosion-resistant and promise years of exceptional performance.



Industrial-Quality Heating Elements

Hotass Saunas are equipped with industrial-strength, stainless-steel heating elements. Designed for high performance, our heating elements heat up quickly and efficiently.

Sauna heating elements from Hotass Saunas are UL-Certified to ensure safety.



Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all Hotass Saunas. Our limited lifetime warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials for your lifetime of bathing with Hotass Saunas products.

For details on our limited lifetime warranty, click here.